About Us

Bush Bash Recordings is an independent record label based in West London and is the brainchild of Mc Bushkin, founder of the infamous Heartless Crew.

Heartless Crew started as a mobile sound system in 1992 and went on to become a ground breaking act who are credited with being the founders of UK Grime music. Over their illustrious career, they took the UK sound all over the globe, educating the masses musically and playing alongside some of the world’s biggest and best artists / superstars.

In 2002 Heartless Crew signed their first major record deal. After witnessing first hand the inner workings of a record label, it was then Mc Bushkin vowed to set up his own independent record label. The aim is to be able to nurture and cultivate his artists, allowing them artistic freedom to make the music they truly believe in whilst treating them with love, fairness and respect.

Fast forward to the back end 2018 and this dream has become a reality. After the success of the listening party in central London, Bush Bash Recordings are pleased to be working with some amazing artists and song writers. Coupling this with the vast amount of creative and performing experience in the camp, there is a lot of  certainty that Bushbash will be a major force to be reckoned with over the the next few years.